Bryan Bailey


As I grew and developed, I soon realized my career options were endlessly wide open. Crystal Wedding Gown itself wasn’t exactly my vision back then however, a general interest in customer service was prominent. Through years of experience and developing I have been able to take all of my ideas and future perspectives and create an incredible business idea for the people of Louisville.

During my collegiate studies, in Political Science, it was a necessity to constantly improve my peer, community, and business communication abilities. I already had a full understanding of daily structured government activities but, sought better knowledge of effectively analyzing the scientific perspectives and methodological approaches of each level of government. While learning the political policies, processes, philosophies, ideology and economy in general, I found myself gaining understanding by applying all that I learned in a business sense. Comparative politics presented to be the same as internal and external business relationships and how to accommodate differences professionally.

After college, my personal growth and ideas expanded much farther during the years I served in the United States Military. As an army trained HR specialist I began implementing heightened dedication to completing tasks with great proficiency and swiftly to ensure solid expedited results. The Army aided my business knowledge further by providing several opportunities for training within the human resource and public relation fields. During this portion of my life, I also gained more prominent leadership, technical, and strategic/critical thinking and development and implementation abilities.

Upon fulfilling my military term I gained employment through The Human Resource Command Center (HRC) for the army, located at Fort Knox, KY. Working as an Officer Promotions Coordinator with responsibilities to serve more than 1.4 million military personnel was a learning experience itself. At HRC, I was given further opportunity to expand my business knowledge by the multiple training programs offered including, Lean Six Sigma training.Upon my certification, I became more fluently versed in all quality aspects of HR and PR communications. HRC helped to enhance my project planning and candidate tracking skills tremendously through promotion board evaluations and processing. By completing all the offered trainings and receiving above average employee evaluations, I knew my future was to create the best possible concrete business plan and start my own company.

Success is measured in many ways both internally and externally. While I have gained a sense of achievement by the creation of Crystal Wedding Gown, I now measure “success” a little differently. I have no “end-goal” in sight, just the desire to constantly improve every detailed aspect of quality customer service and placement. With each small advancement and accomplishment Crystal Wedding Gown will continue to accumulate success.


4111 Oechsli Avenue Louisville, KY